Argyll & Bute Matchplay Championship 18th/19th April 2009 - Machrihanish Golf Club
First Round
Quarter Final
Semi Final
Sat 18th April
Sat 18th April
Sun 19th April
Sun 19th April
Les Pirie
8.50     v
Allan McKie 24th hole      
Allan McKie
13.20 v Allan McKie 19th hole    
Greg Watson
8.58     v
Greg Watson 2&1      
Angus Murray
  8.45 v Allan McKie 3&2  
Gavin Brown
9.07     v
George Hanson 3&2      
George Hanson
  13.32 v Kenny McCallum 3&2    
Kenny McCallum
9.15     v Kenny McCallum 19th      
Chris Timms
      Final 1.30 v Winner George Reynolds 2&1
George Reynolds
9.23     v George Reynolds 2&1      
Stephen Renfrew
  13.45 v George Reynolds 3&2    
John Gilchrist
9.31     v John Gilchrist 19th      
Graham Dunn
    9.00 v George Reynolds 4&3  
Ross Currie
9.40     v Gordon mcClean w/o      
Gordon McClean
  13.58 v Graham Bolton 5&4    
Gordon Lundie
9.48     v Graham Bolton 4&3      
Graham Bolton

The top 16 from the strokeplay championship in the previous year are eligible to play in the matchplay championship. Ties are all seeded i.e. 1st Qualifier v 16th Qualifier , 2nd v 15th etc. Players tied on the same total at the strokeplay championship seeding is determined by better 2nd round & then by better inward half etc. All matches will be 18 holes with sudden death to decide a winner.

Previous Winners
2009 George Reynolds
2008 Graham Bolton
2007 Graham Bolton
2006 Ross Currie
2005 Graham Bolton
2004 Stuart Campbell
2003 Ian McLennan
2002 Graham Bolton
2001 Graham Bolton
2000 Johnny Sharp




Further info on graham and along with george
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